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Richard Nagel

About Sunshee

Sunshee incarnated on Earth as Richard Nagel who was born on September 11, 1942 in Bonn, Germany. Richard does not remember World War II, as he was much too young. He had a happy childhood being born into a family with 2 more siblings, a younger and an older brother. He finished High School without knowing exactly what to do, what to study, and what profession to learn. He felt attracted to music, religion, and philosophy. As he could not make a choice, he decided to follow his heart. In 1962 he had an accident and had to stay in hospital for six months. During this time, he had the opportunity to think about his life. His life had to be meaningful. He wanted it to be an answer to his yearning for God. He wanted it to be an answer to his love for those who are caught in never-ending hardships and life struggles.

He chose to enter a catholic order called Mission Ouvrière Sts Pierre et Paul in Toulouse, France. He lived a simple life with other novices in a poor area of the town. He prayed to God and dedicated his life to love Him and His creatures as best as he could. He worked as a sheet metal worker and a welder to show that he was willing to share a worker’s life conditions. He considered his life to be a testimony for the Gospel, a life committed to living it.

He stayed with the Worker’s Mission for several years. During his novice time, he had the opportunity to understand how important it is to be true to one’s own beliefs. He had doubts about the catholic belief saying that the catholic religion is the only true religion. He had doubts about Jesus being the only “son” of God. He had doubts about his ability to live a life where he would renounce the love shared with a woman. He had doubts about so many things that it became more and more difficult for him to stay in the Mission. Eventually he decided to leave, even though he found it emotionally very hard. He had put all his faith and love into the Mission and now he had to quit.

Once the decision had been made to quit he worked in Montreal, Canada, as a welder in a metal shop. He made new friends and had his first girlfriend. He was 28 when he fell in love for the first time. The experience was overwhelming. His body felt like exploding. His mind could not describe the experience and his heart felt radiant like a thousand suns. The experience lasted several months. After that, life became “normal” again.

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He decided to change work and to look for something more fulfilling and more pleasant. He found a job in a day care center. Being and working with children was an experience he had always dreamed of. He discovered that he himself deep within was a child too.

He went on working with children until he knew that he had to stop and return to university to complete his studies in religion he had started as a member of the Mission in France. After 3 years he obtained a degree in religious sciences and worked for 2 years in a comprehensive school as a teacher in religious education. It was a time when he felt something building up within he would call desire for learning how to cope with challenging situations. As a teacher in religion he was confronted with a dilemma. He had to teach his students something they had no interest in whatsoever. He had to teach something he did not really believe in and he had to be someone who was able to ensure discipline and order in the classroom. It was a dilemma he was unable to live for a longer period of time. So he was glad when the school principal told him that he could not extend his contract for a third year. He felt a big relief. However, now he was back to square one. What to do with his life? Where to go from now? There was no real option he was attracted to. Then he got a phone call from his younger brother informing him that his father had passed away during a third heart attack and that he was to be buried in a few days.

He realized that there was a turning point. He had to go to the funeral. He had to leave all this things and belongings behind and be there with his mother and his two brothers. He packed only what was really necessary and important into a wooden box and had it shipped to Germany. He got a flight just in time to be at the funeral. It was a very stressful moment.

He realized that he had no other choice than to readapt to a life and a lifestyle he had thought that it would be something of his past. He also realized that he had to find a job. He sent out applications to private and boarding schools without any real hope for a positive answer.

Then it dawned upon him that his life was at a turning point again. He had to find something else in order to make a living. He had to re-assess his options. There were not too many. Then it occurred to him that he was good in languages. He knew German, French, and English. Languages were something he liked. Once he had fully internalized this idea, the next step was easy to take. He went beck to school and obtained a degree in translation studies.

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He had no difficulties in obtaining his degree although at times he felt like a grandpa among all these young students. He knew that life had put him into a situation where he had to learn again, and learning was something he had always enjoyed. He felt grateful of having the opportunity to study and to be able to do it at his own pace. He found that life had taken a new positive direction.

Once he had finished his studies he found that it was time to make another important decision. He decided to go back to Montreal because it was there that he felt at home. He met another German translator, a woman, fell in love with her, and worked as a translator.

Several years passed and he managed to make a living. There were times, however, when he felt that something was missing in his life. Life was no more exciting. It was no more full of wonders. It was no more like an open window with a beautiful view.

It was during these years that he felt that there was more to life than just making a living. There was an inner voice telling him to look out for something that would allow him to understand how his inner life could be more rewarding and more satisfying. So he just followed this inner voice. He heard about “psychosynthesis”, a kind of psychotherapy with a spiritual dimension. It was just the right thing he was looking for. So he enrolled into a training that lasted three years. It was a time of self-exploration and self-healing. He enjoyed the work and found it deeply satisfying.

It was during these years that he had a most interesting experience. One day he found himself hearing an inner voice talking to him very clearly and precisely. The voice told him to start a training designed to awaken a hidden power within himself called Kundalini. It told him to do specific physical exercises and to write down what it was saying. The voice was very clear about having him to do the exercises and to follow the instructions. It was very clear about having him to do these exercises right away and to follow the instructions right away.

(Source: www.kundalini-and-chakra.com)

First he was sceptic and didn’t follow what the voice was telling him to do, but then he realized that it was insisting. So he gave in and did what he was told to do. He realized that the voice had something in mind by pressing him to cooperate. And there were times when he felt so much unconditional love and acceptance that he was overwhelmed.

His body felt full of energy and life. His mind was trying to understand what was happening. It was trying to make sense out of what he was experiencing. It had to get used the fact that something really unusual was taking place.

Life was totally different now. Instead of having one’s usual inner dialogue voice (the “I”) talking to him, now he had two voices, the “I” voice and this “other” voice. This “other” voice talked to him each day. It talked to him by means of automatic movements of his arms or his entire body. Whenever there was something important for him to know or to understand, it would trigger an automatic spasm. As a rule, however, he would follow an inner guideline of having a clear sense of having understood what this “other” voice was telling him before he would act upon it.

He called this phenomenon “tremors and light”. He called it “light” because he often had a rushing of light to his forehead each time a tremor or spasm occurred.

This “other” voice was always there for him to be consulted when he had questions or found himself in a challenging situation. He got used to it after some time, and now it is something he’s really accustomed to.

In “normal” life, the “other” voice was more or less absent. It only showed up when there was something important for him to be aware of, something like a sentence in a book or something said by another person. It was like a father or mother telling his/her child: “Watch out, sweetie, here is something important for you to learn.”

Now, this inner voice is like a channel for many light beings and ascended masters to talk thru. It is like an instrument played by them.

He had another important experience in his life. This experience showed him how to open up to unlimited energy and love. It showed him that his physical body is in fact pure light. It had such an impact on him that he is still benefitting from it. He called it his initiation into body awareness.

Since several years he had been interested in ways how to unlock memories stored in his physical body on the cellular level. First he had tried out Holotropic Breathing. Then he had looked into shamanism. He had come to the conclusion that his body, on a cellular level, was something like a living matrix acting on whatever impression it was exposed to. As a matrix his body contained memories and imprints from all his past lives. As a matrix his body could be impressed or in-formed by beings his conscious mind had no recollection of whatsoever.

He was aware of all that, but he could not express it into words at that time. He had heard about a healing method called Huna Kane Transformation. He had several sessions himself and each time his body got into a state he could only describe as “Living-in-ecstasy”.

His body was responding to inner cues he could only guess, cues he had never thought of that they would exist. His rational mind was unable to explain what was happening to and in his body. It was as if something greater, something more powerful had taken control. His body acted in ways he could not understand. He would start to shake all over. He would start to feel waves of energy and pleasure, as if he was engaged in some kind of ecstatic love-making.

(Source: www.chicama.pe)

Each session was so powerful and so riche in meaning for his mind that he decided to know for himself what Huna Kane Transformation was all about. He scheduled an intensive training in Keau’au, Hawaii. This “other” voice within urged him to do it.

The training turned out to be another turning point in his life. Now he knew by experience the truth behind his automatic movements and this rushing of light to his forehead. Now he knew that he was a channel for higher beings to act and to talk thru. Now he knew that his life would never be the same.

The training was a period of deep inner and outer changes. He was aware that life had taken a turn into a direction that would bring him closer to knowing who he was and why he had incarnated in a human body.

Now he knew that there was an overall set-up at work in his life that allowed him to become who he really was.

He started having dreams about himself being a healer, someone who could change people’s life for the better.

Many years passed by and he had more or less given up any hope of becoming a healer. Then something interesting happened. He found a small ad on the Internet while searching for a complementary healing method for his wife diagnosed with cancer. The ad just said Quantum Touch. It was an intriguing expression and he look further into it.  He discovered something that triggered his curiosity: A healing method based on a simple technique, something that worked right away. He knew that it was something he had to try out. He scheduled a session with a practitioner and had an experience that confirmed what he thought. Quantum Touch was indeed a powerful healing method. QT activated memories and imprints in his body on the cellular level, very similar to Huna Kane. His body responded by having automatic movements and a rushing of light to his forehead. QT was the next step on his journey to become a healer.

He decided to follow a training to become a practitioner in energy healing. First he obtained a certification in Quantum Touch and then another one in Love Energetics. Now he is working as a healer dedicated to follow his inner voice day after day.