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Richard Nagel


The Mayan Calendar

(Source: www.risingstarlc.com)

Yellow Planetary Warrior

Yellow Planetary Warrior is Sunshee’s galactic signature. According to the Mayan Calendar, each human being is assigned a galactic signature. This signature is associated with his/her birth date.

The Mayan Calendar is composed of 13 tones of creation and 20 star glyphs.

The 13 tones of creation

The 20 star glyphs

Magnetic IMIX (Red Dragon)
Lunar IK (White Wind)
Electric AKBAL (Blue Night)
Self-existing KAN (Yellow Seed)
Overtone CHICCHAN (Red Serpent)
Rhythmic CIMI (White World-Bridger)
Resonant MANIK (Blue Hand)
Galactic LAMAT (Yellow Star)
Solar MULUC (Red Moon)
Planetary OC (White Dog)
Spectral CHUEN (Blue Monkey)
Crystal EB (Yellow Human)
Cosmic BEN (Red Skywalker)
  IX (White Wizard)
  MEN (Blue Eagle)
  CIB (Yellow Warrior)
  CABAN (Red Earth)
  ETZNAB (White Mirror)
  CAUAC (Blue Storm)
  AHAU (Yellow Sun)

(Source: www.spacestationplaza.com)

The four colors Red, White, Blue, and Yellow represent cosmic forces and energies: Red stands for the force of initiation, White for the force of refinement, Blue for the force of transformation, and Yellow for the force of full ripening. They follow each other in a sequence of four through the 20 star glyphs.

The Mayan Calendar is more than just a calendar. It is a tool of self-discovery and service to mankind. Yellow Planetary Warrior describes a being that is willing to manifest (Planetary) and ready to do it (Yellow Warrior).

Here are some of the qualities associated with the 10th tone of creation (Planetary): intention, motivation, true identity, aligned manifestation, and action.

Also, here are some of the qualities associated with the 16th star glyph (Yellow Warrior): grace, trust, inner voice, reception, mystic transmission, divine communication, and cosmic consciousness.

All indigenous people of the Earth know and respect the wisdom of the turtle, for the power of thirteen is contained within the matrix on the back of a turtle’s shell. Most turtles have a shell that consists of 13 distinct segments which hold the key to understanding time.

Earth is known as Turtle Island among the indigenous people of North America. By recognizing that the Earth is guided by the power of thirteen is to remember why Earth is called Turtle Island. As a turtle swims upon the waters of creation, the Earth navigates her way through the cosmos. It takes 13 moons for the Earth to make on complete orbit around the sun.