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Richard Nagel



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A channeling session is something that seems out of the ordinary, something out of this world, something “weird”, but in fact it’s something quite simple and easy to understand. At the beginning of a session, I invite a higher power such as an angel or an ascended master to communicate through me. I am totally aware of myself as Richard Nagel and my thoughts, feelings, and sensations. At the same time, I hear an inner voice quite clearly and distinctively telling me something that should be said. The person attending the session will look into my eyes in order to make soul-to-soul contact. This will facilitate a lot the communication stream. It will allow me to really tap into a state of higher awareness where I am just a channel or an instrument. It will allow the person to reflect this state and thereby opening her awareness to receive all the information that is needed.

A channeling session may be accompanied by specific signs. It my case, these are automatic movements of my body (head, spine, and/or arms). For me, these movements indicate that a higher power is validating each word that I’m saying. They indicate that I am in a state of channeling.  

A channeling session is a gift from God. As a divine gift it cannot be priced. For me, the only price that is acceptable is the one decided by the person attending the session. As she is just another myself and me another herself (In Lak’ech according to the Tzolkin, the sacred Mayan calendar) she will know what the session is worth and act accordingly. 

A channeling session may last up to one hour depending on the questions and issues brought up by the person seeking help, advice, and guidance.

Quantum Touch

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Quantum Touch uses the innate ability of the body to heal itself. It’s a healing method that is both easy to understand and to practice. The main focus in my QT sessions is on love and the heart. As I open to love and heart-knowing I allow myself to tune into the universal life-force or Chi. Love is really the most basic, fundamental, and direct type of energy. As I allow love to flow and to be present within me, all things become possible. 

Pain is just a blockage of the free and unrestricted flow of the life-force within the body. So running love energy into areas of the body where is pain will allow these areas to be infused and saturated with the Chi. Pain will dissolve and/or change its texture such as spreading out or being less acute. It may travel to other places of the body as blockages are getting liberated. 

As I mentioned under the description of my services, resonance is an essential factor to understand how energy healing works. There are so called “resonance factors” that I use to improve the quality and the power of my healing sessions. Here are just a few of them: 

Running the energy

Running the energy allows me to generate more and more sensations in my hands through intention and body awareness. It will result in deeper and faster healing. 

Using specific breathing techniques

Breathing is an essential component in raising the resonance of my healing sessions. I use different breathing patterns in order to unravel chronic and crystallized blockages. 

Connecting the breath with the energy

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I know by experience that connecting my breath and the sensations in my hands improves dramatically the quality of my presence. It’s like blowing on hot charcoal to make them brighter. The more air I move, the more powerful my energy tends to be. 

Feeling love and gratitude

Choosing to consciously feel love and gratitude during a session will enhance my actions and allow me to be in a relaxed and playful state. Healing doesn’t need to be “work”. It can be graceful and effortless like running water. 

Holding a positive expectation

Holding a positive expectation that the body has all the wisdom to heal itself increases the degree of resonance. As intention and body awareness are needed to run the energy, expectation contributes to raising my vibration. I don’t have to know how the healing actually happens. I am open to see what happens as I know that the body has a blueprint of wholeness and harmony. 

Letting go of attachment to results

When I do Quantum Touch, I know that it is not my responsibility that the person I’m with will actually be healed. I am responsible to hold the vibration of the resonance field as high as I can for as long as necessary to trigger healing. How someone responds to my “work” is based on his body’s ability to receive the healing energy and to hold the vibration. So the more I am able to let go of attachment to results the more I am creating a space for the life-force to act as it knows what is best at this particular moment for this person and her needs. 

A QT session may last up to 1½ hours. It’s important for me to allow the healing to be done without too much time spent on talking and exchanging impressions during a session.      

Love Energetics  

Love Energetics is a powerful healing method that combines several elements. Each element is instrumental in triggering a desired effect. Some of them are similar to Quantum Touch and others are very different. 

Being centered in the heart

The heart is the organ that is best suited to convey unconditional love and compassion. Therefore, it is apt to allow this highest form of love to radiate and to trigger healing. The heart acts like a master control system sending powerful, healing commands to the brain and the entire body. Healing can occur because the heart produces by far the largest amount of electrical energy in the body – forty to sixty times more as the second strongest source, the brain. This energy is so strong that it creates an electromagnetic field that surrounds the body and can actually be measured up to three to four feet outside the body. In a LE session I focus on my heart and my heartbeat. It’s in the heart that I come up with the intentions aimed at healing the body.  

Being focused on the power of intentions

In order to achieve healing I set intentions. Here an example: If I see that the third chakra is blocked I simply say within “Third chakra liberated” and then I let go of this thought and do the treatment. By stating the intention I planted a seed and nature or the universe will take care of the growing.   

Being centered in a state of no-thinking

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I am able to access an inner state of awareness without any thoughts by putting my attention on 3 or more items or places at the same time. The brain cannot process attention placed on 3, 4, or more things at the same time and ceases the thinking process. In a LE session I connect inwardly to the center of the universe, my heart, and the center of the Earth. This will stop my thinking and/or my inner dialogue and allow me to access a state of zero point or non-energy. For the time of a split second I will tap into this state of virtual or non-energy which is more powerful than a state of energy. Tapping into this state is likely to result in almost instantaneous healing.     

Being centered in a state of no-resistance to unconditional love

No-resistance to love is essential for being able to experience the healing power of Love Energetics. Resistance can take many forms from being trapped in an emotion such as fear, doubt, or indifference to not being present or to being just in one’s head. The best way to clear my being from any kind of resistance is to listen to silence within my heart. For this I practice a breathing technique with a big sigh of relief. This is a powerful means to let go of any kind of resistance I may or may not be aware of.  

Being centered in a state of letting go

A state of letting-go of attachment to outcome is absolutely necessary in order to be a pure channel for the universal consciousness to act through. How do I let go of attachment to outcome? I do it by changing my focus and realizing that what I am looking for is already available. So I just state my intention and then I simply do what I know will trigger the process and activate the self-healing capacities of the body. When I let go I connect my essence with the essence of the person. I tune into essence. I breathe it, I am it, and I feel it. In other words, I clear my mind and allow my self to just be in my heart. 

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The experience of being centered in the heart, being focused on an intention, being centered in a state of no-thinking, no-resistance, and letting go will result in a subtle, yet powerful feeling that is very real. It is that feeling radiating out from the heart which will open up the energetic pathways of the person and trigger healing. 

Love Energetics integrates various techniques such as special breathing patterns and reflexology. It uses a defined protocol aimed at liberating the chakras, the organs, and the rest of the body. It’s a method that works from the inside out. In other words, it’s a method that emphasizes the honoring and releasing of emotions as the main blockages in the body. Once an emotion such as anger or sadness is released the pain felt in the stomach or in the heart will fade away. The person will feel lighter and liberated. She will realize that an unacknowledged emotion is only a concentrated and very dense type of energy that needs to be dissolved.

More to come…