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Richard Nagel

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Here you will find interesting links on channeling, healing, and other topics.


The Oneness website offers you a peek into the world of Rasha, a woman who channels “Oneness”. I consider her a genuine instrument for communicating a level of awareness and wisdom rarely found. This is food for Soul… to be eaten slowly.


On this website you find a great variety of topics channeled by Aurelia (Pamela Kribbe). She is one of the many channelors for the Christ consciousness. I find the light worker and healing series of particular interest. If you like, you can read her biography and what she has to say about channeling. I also like to share her personal story and what she has to say about the fear of living: http://lenashealinginsights.wordpress.com/2011/01/20/50/ 


The Quantum Touch website offers a lot of information on hands-on healing. You find articles on QT and massage, QT and acupuncture, QT and pain relief, and interesting healing stories. Look around and get inspired about the healing potential hidden in all of us.


The Love Energetics website presents a healing method developped by Yvon Dubé. He offers an elaborate program aimed at training people in energy healing. His contribution to the field of energy healing is the knowledge and the skill of how the therapist can access an inner state of ”non-energy” or energy of the void.    


This is the website on energy medicine practiced and taught by Donna Eden and David Feinstein. For an in-depth description of the potential of energy medicine I recommend their article on the six pillars of energy medicine: www.innersource.net/em/images/6_Pillars_of_EM.pdf


If you want to watch a movie on healing, try this one. It’s called The Living Matrix and it provides a fascinating view on the latest discoveries in science applied to medicine. If you are interested in having the transcript, I have it…So feel free to write me an email and I will send you the file.