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Richard Nagel



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Channeling is the art of communicating messages from light beings and ascended masters to those who are willing to be guided by a higher power in their lives. It’s strictly aimed at opening a person’s heart and mind to the existence of a higher power in their lives. It is not a means to control or to fool. It is strictly designed at helping a person to find his/her answers to whatever issue he/she is confronted with in his/her life. It is not a means of satisfying one’s curiosity for psychic and/or spiritualist phenomena.

Channeling is best described as a conversation between two souls, one that is still in a physical body and another that is living an a higher plane of existence. It’s a conversation that is filled with insights and realizations. It’s a conversation that is full of wisdom and love.

Quantum Touch

(Source: www.channellight.net)

Quantum Touch is a method of hands-on healing. It results in re-alignment of bones, reduction of pain, and balancing of organs.

Quantum Touch is easy. It’s based on hand positions combined with specific breathing techniques and body awareness meditations. It is effective and can easily be integrated into other therapies such as Reiki or acupuncture.

Quantum Touch serves two purposes. The first is that it allows the body to open up to its self-healing capacities. The second is that it allows the body to activate these capacities. A body stimulated in this way will remember its true nature, i.e. that it is pure light.

Quantum Touch is based on the principle of resonance. This principle is a universal phenomenon that can be observed in many ways. It can be heard in the way two guitars attuned in the same way start sounding together when one plucks for instance the G string of one instrument. Immediately, the G string of a second guitar standing nearby will start resonating. It can be seen in the way two pendulum-type grandfather clocks mounted against a wall and with their pendulums swinging out of phase one to another will lock into phase and beat together in a matter of days.

Quantum Touch is a natural way of healing. The QT practitioner uses the energy of the life-force (Chi, Ki or Prana). He/she raises his/her own energy field to a very high level and the client’s energy will automatically enter into resonance with that vibration. The body intelligence of the client receiving the energy will respond by triggering the body’s self-healing capacities. So it is actually not the practitioner who does the healing, but the client and the way his/her bode generates self-healing.

Love Energetics

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Love Energetics is quite different from Quantum Touch. It uses unconditional love as the main energy for healing. It is a method that works both with energy and anergy. Anergy is a more fundamental type of energy that exists as vacuum, virtual energy or ether. This virtual energy fills the entire cosmos and is also called zero point energy – a type of energy that exists prior to the materialization of an object or being. Our bodies exist as a precipitation out of this zero point energy, a state of invisible, unbounded totality of perfect order. In spiritual terms we would call this orderly non-manifested state pure consciousness.    

Love Energetics aims at triggering healing from the inside out. Inner healing means the liberation of toxic non-resolved emotions within the cells, thereby allowing the client to access a state of inner calm, lightness, and well-being. The LE practitioner will liberate systematically all blocked energies in the body, especially on the level of the chakras and the organs. This will result in deep healing.

Huna Kane Transformation 

Huna Kane refers to the inner wisdom of the Higher Self. It is considered to be one of the oldest shamanic traditions on Earth. The Huna Kane practitioner follows only one simple and practical command: Think and act with love always. 

Huna Kane Transformation will do the following (CREATE):

(Source: www.earthmoonfire.com)

  • Clear blockages to living at one’s fullest and highest potentials now.
  • Raise the body’s vibratory rate at the cellular level.
  • Erase cellular memory of past programming.
  • Allow the self-healing process of the body to function more effectively and in alignment with one’s Higher Self.
  • Transmute the inner subtle bodies into light, catching them up with consciousness.
  • Express and expand unconditional love now.

Huna Kane Transformation has all the tools to allowing a person to become a master in this lifetime. It opens up to a process that eventually will result in becoming a co-creator. Being a co-creator is our ultimate goal here on Earth.